Cuts Could Wound Schools Permanently

Some educators say that a $4-billion cut to public school funding could have permanent effects on some schools.
Those same educators say the plan, which is set for final approval, will remove long term obligations for the state to maintain a minimum support level.
In the past school funding levels are determined by a formula based on enrollment. For the first time since World War II the legislature has reduced per-student funding.
Advocates argue lawmakers could fund everything else before appropriating education money, potentially leaving schools with a smaller chunk of money each year.
Some lawmakers say the state is dedicating 60% of its general revenue on education, up from 57%.
The Wichita Falls ISD has been bracing for the cuts for months now. This week they are meeting again to get an update on the legislative process and how much they could lose in funding. Monday the school board will be meeting for a work session. Tuesday they have a regularly scheduled board meeting. Newschannel Six will be there and keep you informed on what happens.