100+ Temps Keep AC Techs Busy

Business is booming for Air Conditioner repair shops. The string of 100+ degree days has stressed machines to their limit. With the duty cycle draining the devices, the calls for service have kept the skilled tradesmen on their feet.

James Lane Air Conditioning and Plumbing has seen business double. "We went from having around 30 after hours service calls two weeks ago, Monday to Monday, to having over 60 last week," said Service Manager Rick Baker. His crews have noticed an increase, too. "We've been running really hot and heavy. Right now, there's a lot of calls coming in," said Mark Baris, A/C Repair Technician.

The work is hot. "A lot of times it is difficult because when we go on a call there is no cooling and especially when you go outside in these temperatures, there's usually not a lot of shade, either… The attic jobs are really tough its a few degrees hotter inside the attic than it is outside and of course there's no wind blowing to help cool down," he said. It is all part of the job, however. "Sometimes its difficult, but most of the time its a good challenge. We appreciate a good challenge and we're willing to go in there for a customer and see what their problem is, see what it is to help them get the cooling back so they can be good and comfortable," said Baris.

There are things you can do to help your system work better and help prevent it from failing. "The normal homeowner can do quite a bit for their system, one of the best things they can do is help keep that condenser clean and change the filter inside," said Baris.

When cleaning off your condenser coils, Baris recommends using a water hose. He says be careful of any electrical equipment and to not spray them too hard. "As a general rule after mowing, try to wet that condenser off and wash a little bit of dirt off it. It sure would help a lot to bring the electric bill down, helps the cooling quite a bit and also helps the life span of their system."

As for filters, Baris said they are not all created equal. If you can pour grains of salt through it, it is probably not going to stop the Texoma dust. "Those filters will tend to clog up pretty fast. To a lot of my customers, I try to recommend they check that filter when they get the electric bill, that's a good reminder," he said.

If you have your A/C running and come home to a hot house, chances are you have a problem. Baris says that is the time to call a professional repair person. "It happens a lot. A lot of people are unhappy when they get home and its 90 when its not supposed to be," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6