Texoma Wildfire Concerns in Archer County

A fire ignited Sunday evening in Archer County and rekindled twice Monday. Hundred degree temperatures are making it tougher on firefighters, and they're also causing the fire threat to grow.  Emergency Manager Kelly DeSautel says they have this fire 100 percent contained at the moment, but they are worried it could ignite again any second with this burning sun and the high winds.

DeSautel says the flames rushed through the land on FM-2178 south of Lake Cooper Road around 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening. And when the winds died down around 11, it was contained. Fire crews from Archer City, Olney, and Megargel have been monitoring the area very closely as it rekindled twice today. The fire destroyed about 30 acres yesterday and another 10 acres today. Firemen have been working on hotspots even until Monday afternoon.

When temperatures rose, so did the danger for firefighters. DeSautel says, "Firemen are out here in their suits; they're already getting warm because they're fighting the fire. And you put additional triple digit heat and that drains them even more."  He says they are being extra careful in keeping the firemen hydrated, especially with these record triple digit temperatures. Crews came out Monday to build a fire line in the area.  DeSautel says a fire line helps, "Prevent fire from spreading, helps slow fire. And fire departments can have a chance to get the fire under control ."

The volunteer firefighters from Olney, Megargel and Archer saved two homes. The fire burned extremely close to the Olney City Water Plant. The Emergency Manager says the cause of the fire is under investigation.  Crews will be monitoring the area Monday night to make sure there are no flare ups.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.