Window Cleaner Escapes From Falling Twelve Floors

An elderly man cleaning the windows of his tenth floor apartment on Tuesday (June 14) who slipped and fell two floors down, was saved when his leg caught on the window grills of the eighth floor apartment below, local media reported.

Neighbours quickly discovered the man dangling outside their window grills and notified the police for help.

Rescuers arrived on the scene ten minutes later but were slowed down by the narrow lanes in the local area, so they had to get to the building by foot.

Rescuers secured the man's leg with a rope in case his leg came free, before proceeding to pull the victim to safety.

The man, who in the fear of his losing his life had been gripping the window railings with his hands, had to be persuaded to let go before the rescuer was able to pull him back into the building.

Local media reported that the man was treated in the hospital and was unscathed except for a few scrapes.