UPDATE: WFISD Approves School Lunch Price Increase

Wichita Falls Independent School District school board officials approved increasing school lunch prices.

Wichita Falls ISD officials need to comply with a federal mandate in order to get reimbursed for its school lunch program and that means higher lunch prices.

This coming school year will have students paying an extra 25 cents for lunch in elementary school cafeteria's and 15 cents extra in secondary schools.  But this is just the first increase planned over the next three years.

In recent years officials from the Wichita Falls Independent School District say they have done everything to help parents in this slow economy..

Kathy Bolton, WFISD Director of Child Nutrition says the former Director, Glenn Headlee, tried to keep the prices as low as he could and now she is going to do the same.

Despite efforts to keep low costs for parents the WFISD has to raise the lunch prices over the next three years in order to meet a federal requirement.

Elementary school lunches will increase by 25 cents per year over the next three years and  Jr. High and High School lunches will go up 15 cents the first year and 10 cents each of the next two years.

The requirement is due to the fact that the USDA reimburses the WFISD a certain amount per lunch sold at full price or at the free or reduced price.

After a review the USDA told the Wichita Falls ISD that it needed to increase prices in order to continue the reimbursement program.

Wichita falls ISD officials say the price increase will not affect students who currently receive free or discounted meals.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6