Extreme Heat Creates Strain on Resources at Faith Mission

We are now in our thirteenth day, in a row, of triple digit heat and that is causing concerns about the homeless in Texoma.  Faith Mission is seeing a strain in their resources now more than ever.  Becky Browning with Faith Mission says it's the two extremes in weather that cause Faith Mission to struggle financially, the miserable cold and the extreme heat, and right now they're seeing the latter of the two.

It's a call that's becoming all too common and Jason Barker is left to answer.

"A lot of phone calls for fans," said Barker who is part of the men's recovery program at Faith Mission.

Faith Mission doesn't have any.

"I hate saying no," said Barker.  "But we don't have any fans and we don't start getting them until July."

The calls are pouring in and so are the people; homeless or not all looking for a place
to keep cool.

"They sit in our lobby and you'll see them, they come down here maybe to get a ride.  If someone is coming this way, a neighbor will bring them down here to sit in the air conditioning," said Marketing Director of Faith Mission Becky Browning.

Every summer and winter it's the same drill, but this year it's different because the sweltering
heat came in earlier than expected.  So while people come to stay out of the sun they also shower and stick around for dinner which means the resources at Faith Mission could be dried up by time August rolls around.

"It increases out food distribution, our meal counts and our housing count," said Browning.

Even laundry powder is drained up because so many come in for a cold shower and wash their clothes so their electricity and water bill during the summer months increase by 15 percent.

There are ways you can help, donations like fans, money, water bottles, summer clothing, food and a simple prayer are always welcome.

"I really would always appreciate the communities prayers," said Browning.

They take it one day at a time and like the rest of us hope the sun gives us a break in the near future.

If you would like to donate you can stop by their location off of Travis and 13 or call (940) 723-5663.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.