Two People Facing Money Laundering Charges

An unfastened seat belt led to two people facing money laundering charges.

A DPS trooper pulled over the truck Tuesday, June 7th on highway 287 near Iowa Park.

Trooper says he could smell burnt marijuana and found a small amount of pot and three bundles of cash inside the vehicle.

Both the driver and his passenger provided identification in the form of their Colorado driver's licenses.

Trooper observed a plastic tub with a yellow lid emitting a strong odor of suspected marijuana in the bed area of the truck and discovered plastic containers with marijuana residue.

Lee Davis, 39 and Sonya Davis, 42 were both arrested.

When interviewed, Lee admitted to buying approximately a pound of marijuana from a persons in Colorado on June 5th for $6,000 and stored the marijuana in the black tub in his truck. Lee then said he and Sonya traveled to Corsicana where Lee sold the marijuana to an individual for $13,000 on the evening of June 6th. Lee stated that the money found in the truck were proceeds from the sale of the marijuana. Lee stated that Sonya was riding along just to keep him company.

When Sonya was interviewed, she stated that she and Lee went to Corsicana to take a 4 wheeler to her brother in law. But then she admitted that she grows marijuana at her residence in Colorado, but the marijuana delivered on this trip was not marijuana she grew. Sonya stated that she has a license to grow marijuana in Colorado and Lee assists in the growing process. A phone found in the possession of Lee contained photographs of significant amounts of marijuana and U.S. currency.