Local Bikers Ride To Alaska For Hospice

Three local bikers hit the open road today for a trip benefiting the residents at Hospice of Wichita Falls. Dozens of supporters gathered with motorcycle enthusiasts Nick Farris (70 years old), David Wade (68 years old) and Frank Hotz (65 years old) to see them off on their trek to Alaska. They expect the journey to take over a month. The men have already started raising money for the Hospice. They have about $4,100 so far, but hope to collect much more. Along the way they plan to stop off at other Hospice locations to gather donations.

The men say they have been riding motorcycles for many years. Last year they say they rode through 43 states, and in the last two years they rode in all the lower 48 states. The men camp and stay in motels along the way.