Protecting Your Car From The Heat

The brutal Summer heat can cause problems with your car. From tires to belts and radiators to climate control, the hot temps can bring problems to a boil. "If it overheats, you'll have a lot of mechanical problems develop," said Mechanic Jim Shaw.

There are things you can do to help prevent problems. Most of them are fairly easy. One of the biggest things to watch for is tire pressure. "Go through the owner's manual or on the doors and it will give you the recommended air pressure," said Shaw.

Other things to check are belts, filters and fluids. "Your engine oil make sure it is at the proper level and clean, your radiator coolant needs to be changed on a regular level," said Shaw. Antifreeze levels are critical to keeping your engine cool, but so is a clean radiator. Shaw recommends cleaning off any dirt and debris.

If your air conditioner is not quite up to snuff, try checking the interior cabin air filter. Should any warning lights illuminate, or you notice any other problems or noises with your car, Shaw says to see a professional.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6