Two Texoma Women Compete in the Air Race Classic

Two Texoma women are ready to hit the skies to compete in the Air Race Classic.

The women, who are from Wichita Falls and Vernon, are the first from our area to compete in the 82 year old competition.  Mary Latimer and Elizabeth Hawley will be flying to raise awareness for all women in aviation.  Both will be flying with the To-Can Team in their Cherokee 180 airplane.

The Air Race Classic is a race that dates back to 1929 and its purpose is to encourage women pilots nationally.  They want these women to get into their airplanes and safely race each other for a good cause.

Mary Latimer and Elizabeth Hawley have been preparing for months and now they are ready to embark on their 2,400 mile journey that starts in Iowa and ends in Mobile, Alabama.

Each team has a minimum of two ladies on board.  Mary has been flying for 40 years and will be flying the plane while Elizabeth aviates the way.

The path through the sky is so much more than a race for these two ladies.  Mary commented, "it is not really so much about the competition as is it about woman doing great things and proving that we can do anything."

Mary and Elizabeth will be representing all Texoma women in aviation and hope their involvement in this race can help women in the community.

The two women say the lack of women in aviation is what is driving them to make a difference one mile at a time.

There will be 60 teams participating in this years Air Race Classic.  The race kicks off Tuesday morning.

Mary Latimer and Elizabeth Hawley say there are only a handful of women in Texoma with a pilot's license.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6