Where To Find Local Jobs

Newschannel 6 is looking out for your job search. The latest Unemployment numbers show a slight increase. Still, there are close to 600 jobs posted on jobs web sites locally. "Right now, I would say the current job market is pretty good. Yes, unemployment went up a couple of ticks but there are between 500-600 jobs available according to some of the job sites we looked at," said Wichita Falls Chamber VP of Workforce Development Michael Paris. Newschannel 6 wanted to know how job seekers can find the jobs.

One of the biggest resources is through Workforce Solutions. They have a web site Work In Texas, which has around 400 local jobs posted. Other sites such as, My Next Job Spot, Careerbuilder, Monster and Snagajob have positions posted as well. Most of them do not require a degree. "Probably about 50% are showing that you need a high school diploma or some type of skill or certificate they're not jobs that only require a 4 year degree or a professional certificate," said Paris.

The types of careers run the gamut. "About 30% are healthcare-related, another 30% business and professional services and I would say construction, mining, those hard labor type jobs, manufacturing probably around another 30%," explained Paris. Many of the jobs posted were entry level.

Paris says the figures should give job seekers hope. "The reality is that if someone is really looking for a job, we believe they are out there… If somebody has been trying hard to look for a job and have not had that much success, you may have to come to a point where you have to go and get help," he said.

That help can be found from Workforce Solutions. They provide free access to computers to search for jobs, and to build resumes. They will teach job seekers how to prepare for the interview process and how to send a resume to employers. You may reach them through their web site or at 4309 Old Jacksboro Hwy # 230, Wichita Falls  (940) 723-8774.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6