Bowie Walmart's Grand Reopening & Strong Economic Force

Despite difficult economic times, one of Texoma's cities continues growing with new businesses and more jobs for people. After two months of remodeling work, Bowie's Walmart reopened Friday and it's a strong force in Bowie's Economy.

Bowie Walmart's Manager Chris Holbach says the new store is operating with more than 200 employees. And it's not only providing jobs, the Walmart is making a big impact on Texoma's economy.  Holbach says Texomans love the newly renovated Walmart on Highway 287 North. He says it has a, "New color scheme. We have a lighter, more pastel light introducing friendly environment. We have upgraded our signing and fixtures, and have added in about 7,500 new items for a better project assortment."

Bowie Resident Edward Stanton says, "They did a heck of a good job. It really looks nice. A lot of room. You don't stumble over everything so you can get around." St. Jo Resident Berniece Talamantes says, "Cleaner than the normal Walmarts. And the prices are lower." Bowie Resident Doyle Beavers says, "It really looks nice. They've truly improved the building."

Friday's grand reopening even put others to work to celebrate.  Wichita Falls Residents Tutti Frutti and Pepper the Clown say, "They called us from California to come down, and do this. We really appreciate them contacting us. We're from Wichita Falls this has been a big job."

Bowie Chamber of Commerce President Don Marlow, who was also involved as a supervisor during the remodeling process, says Walmart added 70 temporary jobs and some are turning into permanent positions. Marlow says, "Folks that worked here temporarily, now have been hired here at Walmart. They now will be spending their money here that they are making at Walmart. So Walmart makes a big impact for the city of Bowie." He says it's a huge business where Texomans spend money, and it gets put right back into the city.

The Bowie Walmart also took the day as an opportunity to give back to the community.  Holbach says they gave 500 dollar grants to the Montague County Sheriff's Office, the Bowie Police Department, and the Bowie Fire and Rescue. Holbach also says with the expansion, they recently hired an additional 20 people to work both full time and part time shifts at the Walmart.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.