Electra Firefighter Recovering After Burns

A fire in Electra rekindled three times Sunday. Electra Fire Chief James Auldridge says six agencies with about 50 people were called out to this blaze on Midway Church Road.  Auldridge says the fire burned approximately 700 hundred acres.  He says the call came in about four Sunday morning and the fire was out by 10:30am. It then rekindled around lunchtime and was contained again by 2pm. Later the fire reignited again for a third time around 7pm until about 10, when firemen were still checking for hotspots.

One firefighter burned his left hand from the blaze.  "We had a wind change and the truck was making a hasty retreat when the flames came over the truck and burnt the guy's hands," said Chief Auldridge.

Newschannel 6 spoke with the firefighter who did not want to appear on camera, his hand is bandaged but says he is recovering well from his wounds and should be back to work in a about a week.  After the incident he was transported to United Regional and will undergo more treatment.

Chief Auldridge says this year his department will likely surpass the number of fires they are called out to.

"We're right about 140 fires at this time when normally we're at 200 in an entire year," he said.

He says the department is stretched thin and at times it's hard to carry on the load.  "From them working a regular 8 hour job to fighting fires all night long we are stretched sometimes for manpower."

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.