Throckmorton Fire Snuffed Out

Throckmorton officials say at this time the fight against the fire that broke out this weekend has ended.

Throckmorton officials report as of 7:16 Monday evening, the fire was 95 percent contained. Its Fire Chief Ray Fowler says it started off with about five fires from a lightning strike and turned into three large fires; All were around the same area in the Southeast quarter of Throckmorton County, close to Hwy 380. Fowler says the fire covered about 8,000 acres.

All highways in the area reopened around midnight Sunday. It is a complex of four lightning fires that broke out near Throckmorton Saturday. The flames sparked up just off Hwy 380 and FM 1711, near Throckmorton and south of Elbert . At one point a dozen homes were threatened. Officials say more than 15 trucks from eight fire crews were on the scene battling the fire.  Firemen, US Forest Service with firefighters from as far as Montana and LA, and even community members all contributed to put this fire out. Some community members evacuated themselves because of their proximity to the fire. No one was hurt. Some barns were lost. But no homes were burned.

Fowler says Texomans can help prevent fires from spreading by keeping their grass short, running sprinklers in their yard, and wetting their houses with garden hoses. He says it has been years since a huge fire like this has been seen in the area. He says chances increase with the weather extremities in heat, drought and also the high winds we have in Texoma.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel Six.