Suspected Drug Dealer Busted At Sikes Senter Mall

A 24 year old man is accused of dealing drugs from a kiosk at Sikes Senter Mall in Wichita Falls.

Officials said an off duty officer working security at Dillard's was tipped off by a mall employee. The informer told the officer than Daniel Ray Settle was selling drugs from the kiosk where he worked. The officer started watching Settle and said he saw an unidentified woman approach the suspect. The officer said that's when Settle grabbed his backpack and started walking toward a fire exit with the woman. The officer followed, and when he walked through the door Settle stopped reaching into his backpack. Police say Settle recognized the officer. Police said the officer questioned Settle about what he was doing, but Settle said, "nothing." The officer pressed Settle to allow him to search the backpack. Police say Settle gave in and the officer found 2.4 ounces of marijuana split into 17 individually wrapped baggies. Settle was placed under arrest and charged with possession of marijuana in a drug free zone, over two ounces.