Amazing Animal Video

Both of these videos feature a member of the animal kingdom escaping from water,  one with help from us humans, and one all on its own.  Here's the breakdown:

Video 1 (above)
Forest Rangers from the Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary rescued a pangolin from a well at Surajgarh in India's western state of Gujarat.

Local officials were alerted after a farmer spotted pangolin that he termed as a strange looking creature struggling to remain afloat in the well.

Soon after its rescue the pangolin was under the observation of veterinarians from the Forest Department.

Video 2 (above right)
A young fawn hopped into a creek near Neffs, Ohio... and realized the water was higher and faster than normal.

The little guy was actually running from an encounter with two dogs on a lawn... and he emerged safely from that trauma when the dog's owners got their pets away from him.

Then, he jumped into the creek.

As we see here, he did some amazing swimming... kept an eye out for his chance... and took it... climbing out onto the far bank and onto dry land. All in all... a job well done.