Vernon Fire Department is Awarded a New Fire Truck

Fire departments across Texoma have been hitting the flames with all they got and putting their equipment to the test.

Now the Vernon Fire Department has a new fire truck to add to the fight.  Vernon fire officials say the new brush truck will be a great addition to the department.

It will add to the two brush trucks they already have and with the fire danger growing every day, this new truck might see flames sooner  rather than later.

This fire season has been brutal in Texoma.  Vernon's Fire Chief, Kent Smead says, "most of everybody in North Texas has seen this fire season.  These fires get going on windy days and there is not enough equipment and personnel to put them out, especially on a windy day."

The equipment fire fighters rely on is getting pushed to the max and that is why the Vernon Fire Department is so grateful to have a brand new brush truck added to its fleet.

The type six engine truck came from a grant by the Texas Forest Service Program.

It carries 400 gallons of water and is only used to combat wild land fires.  The truck size enables fire fighters to get up close and personal, right up on the fire line.

With the new truck in hand the Vernon Fire Department will now step up and take action whenever the Texas Forest Service calls.  The TFS can request the truck and two firefighters when wild fires get out of hand in other parts of the state.  It is all part of the agreement under the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System Grant.

Fire Chief Kent Smead tells me his department has been pretty lucky this year.  Besides some flat tires they have not suffered much equipment damage in recent fires.  They are keeping their fingers crossed that this new truck will hold up like the rest of their trucks.

Texas Forest Service officials say this program has been in place since 2008 and it is the third year they have granted different fire departments in Texas new trucks.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6