Strange Accident Caught by Surveillance Camera

An arrest warrant has now been issued for the driver suspected in a Delaware County hit-and-run that was caught on surveillance video.

Police say she was behind the wheel of a car that slammed into a 7-Eleven clerk, knocking him through a storefront window.

On Wednesday, that silver 2007 Dodge Caliber was found at 54th and Vine in Philadelphia. Police say it had damage consistent with the accident.

Surveillance cameras captured the dramatic footage back on June 9th at around 10:30 p.m. The car, allegedly driven by Rankins, is shown crashing into a man and pushing him into the 7-Eleven store on Church Lane in Yeadon, Pa.

Moments later the passenger, now identified as Tylese Pitts, is seen stepping out of the car and leaving.

Ultimately, a male passenger and the driver also flee with no one rendering aid to the man who was run over.

The victim, Gejea Ejeta, a native of Ethiopia, is still recovering from the accident with an injured leg.