Help Support Texoma's Children's Aid Society Agency

In a rough economy, the last thing anyone would want to imagine would be giving up their own child.  Leaders at the Children's Aid Society in Texoma say they are seeing this more and more, right in our neighborhoods.

The non profit agency has been a refuge for homeless, abandoned, and abused children for the past 99 years.  Agency officials say they have seen an increase in abused and runaway teens in the past couple of weeks.

Despite having their doors open for so long they say every new case is always heart breaking.

A handful of abused and neglected children in our communities have at some point made Children's Aid Society their home.

The people who dedicate themselves to these children say sometimes this shelter is all the child has.

Sheila Catron Choate, Executive Director of Children's Aid Society says, "with the economy the way it is right now, we are seeing more abandoned children, physical neglect, physical abuse, and drug abuse going way up."

Sometimes life changing agencies like Children's Aid Society is what makes residents like Richard Chamberlain so passionate about raising awareness.

Richard Chamberlain says he was adopted at birth, but was lucky enough to not get put in a rough situation.  He says if it wasn't for a non-profit organization handling his adoption, he very well could have been in a situation with alcoholic parents, abuse, and neglect.

It is a serious issue that effects many and an issue that can bring tears to even the most toughest baddest military bike rider out there like Richard.

Richard  got teary eyed as he commented, "it's an exciting place to be a part of, the kids need the help, they don't deserve to be here."

Richard is President of the Chapter 54 Sheppard Air force Base, Green Knights Motorcycle Club.  Richard and his crew are dedicated to helping these children and teens in need.

Every year the Green Knights gather all the money they have raised throughout the year and buy Christmas presents.  Richard says there is nothing more fulfilling than putting a smile on one of those kiddos faces.

Children's Aid Society and the Green Knights Chapter 54 are hosting their first annual "Make 'Em Smile Mystery Run" and barbecue lunch Saturday.

Everyone is invited.  The event kicks off at 9am at Bully's on Seymour Highway at the Kamay Y.

Agency officials say Children's Aid Society took in over 348 children last year.

All proceeds from tomorrow's event go to the children's aid society.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6