Bowie Ends Celebrations with an Array of Activities

In Bowie- there was just an array of activities for families to choose from to celebrate the annual Jim Bowie Days.  From an Indian artifacts show to a horseshoe pitching contest there was more than enough excitement in Bowie.  And for those who love classic car shows the old vehicles lined the streets for all to see.

The Chisholm Trail Art Show had many artifacts for show from photographs to paintings and fabric designs.  "We think it's very important especially in this county where there's not a lot of art education being conducted in the schools anymore that we fulfill a purpose by allowing people in the community to understand art, to see art, to know art and I think it's definitely does add to the community," said Gale Cochran Smith, President of the Chisholm Trail Art Association.

Also taking place during the celebrations was the Beautiful Baby and Tiny Tot contest where our own Paul Harrop sat as a judge for the event.  Saturday was also the last day of celebrations for Jim bowie days.