$400 Million Impact Seen From East Texas Wildfires

DALLAS (AP) - The toll in homes destroyed was only part of the devastation wrought by a pair of East and Southeast Texas wildfires last week.

The Texas Forest Service now reports that a fire in Grimes County that burned 5,280 acres and dozens of homes has caused $2.5 million to $3.6 million in timber losses.

State forest resource analyst, Chris Edgar, says the timber lost to the fire could have yielded about $53 million in forest products, from lumber and plywood to paper. He predicted a total economic impact for East Texas of almost $93 million.
An epic fire in Trinity and Polk counties left $12.8 million to $18.3 million in timber losses. The 23,000 acres of timber lost to that fire could have produced more than $243 million in forest products.