Electra Fire Fight Tears Up Trucks

250 acres of land east of Electra are burned. A fire broke out on Business 287 and spread through mesquite-filled brush. Several fire departments responded to the blaze. Southbound lanes of US 287 were closed for several minutes during the blaze.

Fire crews had a tough time in the rough terrain. The mesquite trees damaged 2 different fire trucks. "We've got 4 GI's (6-wheel-drive, 2 ½ ton former military trucks) that were running, and we've got 2 of them down right now due to mechanical failures from the big mesquites poking holes in the tires and gas tanks, ripping wires out from under them," said Electra Fire Chief James Auldridge

Heavy road graders and maintainers were called in. They cut fire breaks along US 287 and also makeshift roads for the fire trucks. "After (the dozer) makes a trail for us were able to go along and hit the hot spots along behind them," said Auldridge.

Crews had battled a blaze over the weekend in the same area. Monday's lack of wind was a blessing, compared to the weekend gusts.

Auldridge says there are things people do to help prevent fires from starting at the side of the road. "Just be diligent about not throwing cigarettes out, make sure you're not dragging a chain on a trailer and if you do see smoke or flame, call your local 911."

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6