Businesses Booming Despite Rough Economy

Despite economic downturns in Texoma's economy, towns like Nocona are able to continue providing jobs to the community. Its Economic Development Executive Director James Yohe says their new museum, upscale hotel, and businesses being constructed downtown are providing new opportunities.  Everywhere you look, Nocona is providing a steady paycheck.

Yohe says Nocona's unemployment rate falls under the rate in Wichita Falls. He says in Nocona people have been able to keep their jobs. Montague County Boot Company Worker Zarsy Reeves says, "I've been here about 10 years, and I really am glad to have a job close to home because it does help out. And I don't have to drive with the cost of gas." Montague County Boot Company Worker Lois Smith says, "It just helps all the way around with everything, with the cost of living."

Yohe says the Montague County Boot Company provides jobs to more than 50 people. And with new equipment, the company's purchase sales have increased about 20 percent.  The American Original Ball Glove Company yields about 30 jobs.

Yohe says, "Both on our retention and our tourism are doing great. And we continue of course seeing the benefits of the oil and gas production companies here in the area." He says gas and oil production companies are a major contributing factor to jobs and economic growth in the area. And more jobs could be on the way.  Nocona is working to revitalize its downtown with new businesses and more tourism.

There's a new Times Forgotten Steakhouse and Daddy Sam's rental hall. There's also a new spa being constructed. And the Peba oil and gas company is currently building their headquarters downtown Nocona.

Yohe says they recently redid buildings including their pharmacy, ISD, and Edward Jones offices. He also says they are planning on putting together an operating vineyard and winery, and a heritage museum. He says they are working on establishing a county wide leadership program to bring new leaders and train current ones to continue enhancing Nocona.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.