Housing Assistance Available for Fire Disaster Victims

Several victims of the April wildfires could be eligible for a new program aimed at helping them rebuild the homes swallowed by flames.

Victims who do qualify for the program can see a significant amount of money come in.

If dealing with a fire was not difficult enough, losing a home in a fire would be anyone's worst nightmare.  That is why Wichita County is stepping in and helping the victims of the Texoma wildfires

Any Wichita County resident who lost their home can attend a meeting Monday night to learn how to apply for the Housing Assistance Program that is now available.

Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom says, "I think if they would come and take the information and see if it would help them, then we will work in whether its one or a dozen victims.  We will try to do our best to bring the program about for them."

Judge Woody Gossom says Governor Rick Perry notified him that the assistance is now there for the victims.  He also says the program will to be funded through the Texas Department Of Housing And Community Affairs.

City officials say to qualify you have to be a home owner and cannot have an income greater than 60 percent of the mean income of the county.  People who do qualify can see a maximum of 80 thousand dollars to help rebuild their home.

Judge Gossom says this is another step in the right direction and that up until this point, volunteers were doing a great job in helping.

All fire victims are encouraged to attend Monday nights meeting to see if they qualify.  Judge Woody Gossom says there will be a consultant present to explain the program in detail.

Monday's meeting will be held at seven on the second floor of the Tom Burnett Library in Iowa Park.

Of the 28 homes and structures burned in the April wildfires officials believe at least 12 will qualify for the program.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6