Wichita Falls Public Housing Getting Medical Help

A new program is getting its start. A $40,000 grant to improve health outcomes for public housing residents has been awarded to Wichita Falls.
The funding grant award comes from the Priddy Foundation meant for the Community Health Care Center on MLK Junior Boulevard.
The money will go toward the hiring of a community health worker tasked with facilitating access to medical care.
We spoke with officials about the significance of this grant to the program and the community.
Community Relations Manager Brett Moyer told us, "This is really consistent with Community Health Care Center's mission of providing access to high quality and affordable care. Particularly the access part because a community healthcare worker is somebody who's going to be where the rubber meets the road. They're going to be out in the community, taking care of the community and going to folks where they need care the most."
The center established in 1992 is a federally qualified health center.