"No Refusal Weekend" In Texas

This holiday weekend, Texas becomes the first state in the country to conduct a statewide "No Refusal Weekend."
TXDOT is joining with more than 200 law enforcement agencies to keep everyone safe over the weekend.
Starting Saturday night, they'll be out looking for drunk drivers.
"No Refusal" means if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, you have to take a sobriety test.
Refuse, and officers can take you to jail.
"Unfortunately as a Texan, I'm very embarrassed to say that Texas leads the nation in drunk driving fatalities, but I'm very excited to say as a proud Texan that Texas is the first state to do statewide, no refusal efforts to stop DWI," said MADD National President Laura Dean-Mooney.
The statewide "No Refusal Weekend ends next Tuesday at midnight.