Senate To Vote On Petraeus Nomination To Head CIA

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate plans to vote Thursday on President Barack Obama's nomination of Gen. David Petraeus to become CIA director, a roll call that is expected to result in his easy confirmation.

Petraeus, 58, one of the military's highest profile commanders, has been in charge of U.S.-led international forces in Afghanistan, and is a 37-year Army veteran. The general is also credited with turning around the war in Iraq, from which U.S. troops have been withdrawing in large numbers.

During his stints in Iraq and Afghanistan, Petraeus has been known as a prodigious consumer of intelligence produced by the agency he will next lead.

Petraeus became well-known after then-President George W. Bush sent him to Iraq in 2007 to direct the administration's surge of troops into that country.