Stage 2: Nocona Water Restrictions

Starting today, the city of Nocona will begin their second stage of water rationing. It mandates odd-even landscape watering for Nocona Citizens.

Stage 2 says residents can only water with sprinklers or other mechanical means every other day. Residents with an address that ends with an odd number can only water their lawns on odd number days. The opposite goes for even number address as they will water on even numbered days.

If any resident is caught violating the mandate they will have one warning, and then a citation for a second violation.

Stage 1 implemented voluntary water rationing such as not watering during peak heat hours. The city is still encouraging residents to not water during the hottest parts of the day.

June 30th was the 30th day in a row that the water level in Lake Nocona was under 824 feet of mean sea level.