The "Bentley Bandit" Strikes In FL

Police say a 22-year-old is gallivanting across the country stealing luxury cars as he goes. He steals these cars straight from dealerships!

Officials say a name shown on a license given to a car dealer by the alleged thief was Justin Durbin. They believe he could be from either Michigan or Oklahoma.

The alleged thief seems to have a penchant for Mercedes. Authorities say he is responsible for stealing four cars already, totaling about $250,000.

He's pulled the wool over dealers eyes with stories saying he needs to take the vehicle to the bank to get cash to pay for it, but he never comes back.

His latest theft may cause him problems. Police believe the alleged thief now has his hands on a flashy Bentley.

Because of the latest heist, he is now being referred to as, "The Bentley Bandit.

Authorities say the nearest town the bandit might flee to is Miami, and if he's there, authorities say they'll be ready for him.