Alternatives to Fireworks

With most of our viewing area under a burn and fireworks ban, we thought we would provide some alternative ways to celebrate our independence this fourth of July.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Replacing sparklers with glow sticks, glow necklaces or novelty flashlights.
  • Catch nature's alternative to fireworks -- a jarful of fireflies.
  • Substitute burst balloons or paper bags for the bang of exploding fireworks.
  • Balloons filled with air and confetti
  • Pack of Mentos + case of Diet Coke = soda eruptions
  • Safe novelty noisemakers.
  • Let their kids bang pots and pans from the kitchen.
  • Let them run loose with horns, whistles, bells and cymbals.
  • Let children make decorations with crepe paper, construction paper, stickers and glue.
  • Plan food-making activities like patriotic pizzas and desserts.
  • Decorate T-shirts or hats with paint and decals that glow in the dark.

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