July 4th Travels

While there are restrictions on shooting fireworks, Texomans are still finding different ways to celebrate this Fourth of July Weekend.

Wichita Falls Resident Theresa Cook says, "This Fourth of July celebration, we're going to be going out to Hippy Beach on Lake Arrowhead, where everybody goes. I think we'll have a good July Fourth."  And Wichita Falls Resident Angela Keach says, "We're going to be fishing, and swimming, and hiking. And anything out there that we could do until Sunday."

Some residents are going out to Lake Bridgeport to camp out, the Metroplex, and PK for the fireworks show.  Department of Public Safety Tony Fulton says they've already been seeing increased traffic today. He says all their troopers are out in the streets making sure there aren't DWI, speeding, seatbelt and child safety seat violations. However, there are also some residents, like Summer Jantz, that won't be traveling. And will be enjoying the holiday in town with family. Jantz says, "I'm going to be spending time with my family and my two little girls, my nephew. Maybe take them swimming since we can't do any fireworks. So it's too hot to do anything else."

AAA Public Affairs tells Newschannel 6 more than two million people in Texas will be hitting the roads this Fourth of July weekend.  Trooper Fulton says during last year's Fourth of July holiday, DPS arrested more than 600 drivers for DWI, and issued about 10 thousand tickets for speeding and seatbelt violations.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.