Fire Departments On High Alert

Fire departments remain on high alert all weekend through July 4.  Though many Texoma counties banned the use of fireworks officials believe some citizens won't abide by the rules.

For both the Wichita Falls Fire Department and the Lake Arrowhead Department Sunday was fairly calm, but as the sun goes down and throughout July 4 they expect their sirens will be on full blast heading to a grassfire.

Lake Arrowhead Fire Chief Mike Hall vividly remembers July 3, 2009, "We had 36 fires on the first night," said Hall.

With scanners going off every hour he's counting himself lucky that none of those calls are for him.  "It's been very slow for a 4th of July weekend."

So slow that they haven't responded to any fires related to fireworks through mid-evening on Sunday.  He believes the bans that went into effect across Texoma have kept people at bay; fewer people at the lake and fewer people lighting up the sky, still his department is prepared.

"We are staging here at the department.  We also have some people over on the West side, ready that if something does break out we're ready to respond," said Hall.

It's a similar situation at the Wichita Falls Fire Department, calm.  Gear ready to be worn lies across the floor and their trucks are fully loaded with water and fuel because it only takes a spark to create a whirl wind of a blaze.

"With the conditions like they are we expect a few fires this weekend, hopefully not that many," said Captain, Jon Reese.

Fully staffed and ready to go at a moments notice fire departments across Texoma are bracing themselves.

If you don't remember what bans are in place for your county when it comes to popping fireworks click here.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.