Spending The Fourth Of July With Our Veterans

Texomans are enjoying the Fourth Of July Holiday with friends and family, but to some this day of celebration means so much more.

Our local veterans could not be prouder to celebrate a day they have worked so hard for.

Every year members of the Wichita Falls Disabled American Veterans participate in the annual Kell House Museum Fourth Of July Parade.  Our veterans tell Newschannel 6 that seeing all those people salute and clap for them every year never gets old, every year it is just as special as the last.

Fourth Of July celebrations have a bit deeper meaning for those men and women who fought for our freedom..

Joel Jimenez, Commander of the Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 41 of Wichita Falls says, "I'm just glad I was a part of it and this makes it a special holiday for me.  People appreciate not only what I did, but what the past has done and that is what I call heroes."

Our heroes are our veterans and on the Fourth Of July they joined dozens of Texomans and kicked off their celebrations at the Kell House Fourth Of July Parade.

Vietnam Veteran Joel Jimenez looks forward to it every year.

It is a day where the young and the old come together with one commonality to glorify veterans.  America would not be what it is today without the dedication and determination of these solider's.

World War II Veteran, Tom Noll, celebrated the Fourth with his proud family at the parade.

Teresa Wilcox, Veteran Tom Noll's granddaughter commented, "we are just really proud of him and there is not a whole lot of WWII veterans left.  We are just really happy to have him around."

Also among the crowd, Paolo Imberti and Kyle Hood, both Air Force active duty members at SAFB who chatted with their heroes.

Paolo Imberti, says, "I'm honored to even be around WWII Veterans, Vietnam Veterans. Completely honored just to be in their presence and to hear stories about what these guys did.  They are true heroes to me."

Kyle Hood says, "I enjoyed being around these people, and hearing their stories of how things are going in the Middle East, and even wars previous to that, and Vietnam and WWII.  It was pretty cool, I enjoyed it."

Joel Jimenez says Texoma has a large veteran community and every year he is amazed at how much support and application he can see on the Fourth Of July.

The Wichita Falls Chapter of Disabled American Veterans is 683 members strong and they work hard to help out nearly 33,000 veterans in this area.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6