Calm Weekend For Wichita County Sheriff's Office

Officers, Troopers and Deputies all had more man power on the streets to keep us safe during the July 4 weekend.  Newschannel 6 Crystal Hall rode along with a Deputy for a few hours on July 4 to see just how busy they get, but that wasn't the case.  With firework bans in effect they received very few calls about fireworks, but they did have many things on their mind.

"Fire watch, fireworks, DWI's, and all those types of things that are out happening in the areas," said Corporal Carl Magee with the Wichita County Sheriff's Office.

Driving through rural parts of the county Deputy Magee looked for anything out of place any signs of discarded fireworks, but he didn't find any.  Since the firework bans went into effect in the county weeks ago people have followed the rules to a T.

"It has made our jobs a lot easier and kept their fellow citizens in the county a lot safer from the threat of wildfires and grassfires like we had earlier this year," said Magee.

As of 9am Monday morning there were a total of 21 arrests.. Those break down into 5 DWI charges, 6 Driving with License Invalid, 5 drug related and 5 warrant violations.

The Wichita County Sheriff's Office began their Selective Traffic Enforcement Program last week.  It is in place to provide extra deputies on the streets to keep us all safe during the July 4 weekend and the state pays for those men and women to work.