Busy Weekend For Texoma Law Enforcement

It was a busy holiday weekend for Texoma Law Enforcement officers. Most agencies were on increased patrols. They were looking for fireworks ban violators and hoping to keep Texoma safe. Most agencies reported a calm weekend with none or few fireworks calls. The Clay County Sheriff's Office had the highest numbers with a total of 17 arrests.

The CCSO went to 10 hour shifts for the fireworks ban. All vacation and holiday leave was suspended. It has been a long haul for the Deputies, but Sheriff Kenny Lemons says it is well worth it. "Adding those extra patrols led to the arrests of a lot of other different offences that occurred normally all the time," he said.

His agency responded to only 2 fireworks calls, 1 of which led to 2 arrests. Lemons feels people understood the very real fire danger. His fellow employees get it too. "These guys and girls that work for me know its really important, they've watched fires go through and burn peoples' property down," he said.

He hopes that the message was clear – he means business. "Zero tolerance, I said that at the very beginning of the end of last week and we certainly upheld that all weekend long," he said.

Wichita Falls police took 47 fireworks calls over the long weekend. There were 3 DWI arrests in Young County, but most law enforcement tell us it was a really quiet weekend.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6