As Summer Peaks, So Does the Need For Food

Summer is in full gear for families and for agencies who hand out food to the needy.  As the summer months go on, so does the need for food.  The Wichita Falls Food Bank says they're having to go out and shop and use their own money to pay for food to give to families.  Sonshine House, an organization that provides food and clothing to the needy has also seen a rise in people asking for assistance.

Whether it be because of high utility rates or children at home leaving families to provide even more food on the table, the supplies of food and clothing at Sonshine House are dwindling down, but not their clients.

"In June we did a total of 318 households, we helped out 750 individuals, out of that 750 individuals, 190 were new clients," said Steven Young, Director of Sonshine House.

Last week alone 114 families came in asking for assistance; the week before, 83; and the week before that, 68.  It's becoming more difficult for them to keep up with the rising numbers.

"It impact us greatly because we have to increase our resources," said Young.  "We rely strictly on donations for our clothing.  We purchase a lot of our food from the food bank of Wichita Falls and it means we have to order and get more food."

"As soon as I can get it into the warehouse, it's going out to the agencies and into those families," said Michelle Schuster with the food bank.

She works with Sonshine House and several other organizations.  She too is seeing an increase on the other side of the spectrum, pounds.

"In June I brought in almost 300,000 pounds and almost 300,000 pounds we're down," she said.

Leaving them no other choice but to pay for food.

If you would like to donate to Sonshine House you can drop off your clothes or food at any Wichita Falls Church of Christ location.  The food bank also needs help, you can drop off food at their location off Midwestern Parkway.

The Wichita Falls area food bank also receives frozen meats.  That's something they say are always lacking.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.