Vernon Under Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan

The City of Vernon is now under a Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan until further notice, hoping to achieve a 5% reduction in total water use.

Stage 1 in the plan indicates the city facing mild water shortage conditions. Water customers are encouraged to follow voluntary restrictions, like practicing water conservation by minimizing or discontinuing water use for non-essential purposes. This affects residents not only in the City of Vernon, but also in the communities of Hines, Lockett, Northside, Oklaunion, and the Waggoner Ranch. The City of Vernon is also following these necessary steps:

-Curtailing flushing of distribution lines except when necessary to health and welfare.

-Limiting watering of public areas to the three hours between 7 AM and 11 AM.

-The City Manager or his designee will contact Wholesale Water customers to discuss water supply or demand conditions, and will request that Wholesale Water customers initiate stage 1 voluntary measures to reduce water usage by 5%.

Stay tuned to Newschannel 6 about the latest phase in the water conservation step for Vernon and other remaining Texoma counties.