Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department is Helping One of Their Own

It has been a busy fire season for all of Texoma's volunteer firefighters, but the tables have turned.

Now the Bellevue Volunteer Fire department is giving back to one of their own. A former member of their fire team needs a lung transplant to live.

The Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department wants to contribute, they say Pat Turner's dedication to the fire squad was tremendous and although he did not fight fires his work behind the scenes made him stand out.

Pat Turner has one year to live unless he receives a lung transplant and now the city of Bellevue is showing it's support.

Bellevue Volunteer Firefighters feel so special to have called him a team member on their fire squad. They say helping raise money for Pat Turner is just a small token of their appreciation.

The department says this month's jamboree proceeds will all go towards helping Turner. Volunteer firefighters say their act of giving is so much more than just money.

Marsha Hanson, member of Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department says, "Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department is not a rich organization. We go month by month on people's donations, however it was just a couple of months ago it really laid on our hearts that we needed to do something to help Pat."

Pat was diagnosed with a very rare lung disease called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Lung Deficiency. A disease that is deteriorating his lungs day by day.

As of today Pat tells Newschannel 6 his lungs are only functioning at 22 percent and he has to be on oxygen 24 hours a day.  And at 50 years old he knows that his time on earth will be cut very short if does not find a lung transplant.

Pat and his wife had to leave Texas because he could not breathe in such extreme weather. He now lives in Virginia near doctors who specialize in his lung condition.

Marsha Hanson, member of the Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department hopes the departments actions and prayers will lift Pat's spirits.

Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department  plans to have good food, homemade desserts, and music at their jamboree event.

It takes place tomorrow night at 6:30 in the Bellevue Community Center Fire Hall.

They say everyone is invited to attend, and again, all proceeds will be donated to help Pat Turner.

Newschannel six reached out to Pat Turner and Pat says he is so appreciative of what the city of Bellevue is doing for him. He says he feels that the Bellevue Fire Department members are his guardian angels and it gives him hope to know he has their support.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6