Man Suspected In Robbing Three Stores, Now In Custody

A Wichita Falls man is facing three counts of aggravated robbery.

Ernest Hernandez, 36, is suspected of robbing Cashmax, Cells U More and helping attempt to rob Quick and Easy Pawn.

The Cells U More robbery happened April 25th on Southwest Parkway. A witness said Hernandez pulled out a black Revolver and demanded money.

The Cashmax robbery happened on May 27th and surveillance video captured the entire robbery. The clerk said he pulled out a gun and pointed at her.

She said Hernandez then ordered her to open the cash drawer and demanded she lay on the floor. The clerk said he took $1,386.00 from the business and took the clerks wallet containing personal info and $65 cash.

The clerk said she received several phone calls from Hernandez prior to the robbery. Investigators were able to determine that at least one of the calls came from the residence where Hernandez lived.

Police had also received a crime stoppers tip that Hernandez was responsible for the robbery. Officers showed the Cashmax video to the witness at Cells U More, and the witness identified Hernandez.

Hernandez is also connected to the Quick and Easy Pawn robbery that happened on May 3rd.

Police say he and main suspect Abbott Uranga tried to rob the store, but the owner ended up opening fire, causing them to flee. The tag number on the jeep they drove off in, returned to a residence where Hernandez is known to live.

Police said Hernandez is a known V.C. gang member and a known associate of Abbott Uranga.

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