New Bowie Rescue Truck Awaiting First Call

The Bowie Fire Department received a new rescue truck seven days ago and they had been waiting for one for years.  It has not been used yet and while the crew is thankful for that, they're also a little anxious to get the keys in and put it to good use.

It's equipped with more than just the bells and the whistles, "We'll also have shoring
equipment, cribbing equipment, swift water rescue equipment for water rescues," said Assistant Chief of the Bowie Fire Department Joel Moore.

That's why it's called a rescue vehicle, anything or anyone that needs to be recovered, this truck will be the first to get rolling.  Moore says on average they receive 1,500 calls for
service a year and when the previous rescue truck was called out it put a damper on the department.

"We were operating on two different vehicles," said Moore.  "When one truck rolled we would have to go get the other vehicle that's actually out at a sub station."

Now there's no need for two vehicles.  Moore says it's also a big boost of morale for the team, much needed especially since this fire season has been so severe.

"These guys here show a lot of ownership in their equipment.  I've been very proud to work with them on that aspect."

Officials say it cost a little more than a $172,000.  The city of Bowie only had to pay less than $20,000.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.