Texoma Heat Starting to Take Its Toll On The Soil

Water evaporating throughout Texoma is not the only concern for water supplies, it is also the condition of the soil.

That dry soil is putting a strain on water lines. Already the Dean Dale Water District has fixed multiple cracked pipes. The line problems are also causing low water pressure in that area.

Right now Dean Dale Water customers are under a volunteer water watch because their water supply is at a health level right now, but that could all change very soon.

Dean Dale gets part of their water source from Wichita Falls water treatment plants. If Wichita Falls goes into a mandatory water watch so does the Dean Dale District.

The message is clear across Texoma, that in this heat and dry spell everyone needs to be smart and conserve water.

While water supplies are not putting water districts into a panic mode just yet, decreasing water levels are a big concern if Texoma does not see rain very soon.

Darrell Morris, field operator for Dean Dale Water District says, "Right now it is not a serious situation, but we are trying to prevent it from getting to a serious situation."

Field operators are constantly on the lookout for water leaks and have already fixed multiple cracks just in the last couple of weeks.

Water main concrete pipes are used under ground, but right now with the ground being so dry because of the drought, those concrete pipes are breaking and leaking water.

Leaking pipes along with the high demand of water is causing Dean Dale customers from Jolly, Dean, Thronberry, and rural parts of Wichita Falls to experience low water pressure.

Field operators for Dean Dale Water District say normally their system runs water pressure at 50% to 70%. If there is a damaged water pipe leaking or high water usage water pressure can drop to 45%, causing a noticeable difference in your home.

Customers can help ease the situation. Field operators for Dean Dale Water say if you are a customer and do experience low water pressure in your home, that might be a sign there is a damaged pipe in the area.  If this is the case they urge you to contact them at (940) 766-2255 and report it.

The district's board of directors will meet Tuesday night for a regularly scheduled meeting and could make the now voluntary restrictions, mandatory.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6