New Businesses in Vernon

People who live in Vernon are seeing their city transform right before their eyes.  Four new businesses just opened up within these past five months, including one that opened this weekend. Many Vernon store owners, some new and some who are more established, say business keeps getting better.

Ma and Pa's Steak Finger's Hut opened Saturday and Owner Terrie McGhee already says they've had customers swamping the restaurant.  McGhee says, "We had around 75-100 customers in the last three days. And the sales have really been good."  DOS Frozen Yogurt and Crepes owner Daniel Hernandez brought his business to town about three months ago. He says in just three months they've seen at least twenty percent increase in sales.

Hernandez says, "Sales have been great. People have been accepting of the frozen yogurt concept." Vernon Residents enjoy going there. Kamry De Leon says, "I like to come because the yogurt's amazing." And Kelsey Fernandez says, "I like coming because the yogurt's cheap, and there's free Wi-Fi." While some new businesses are earning extra money already, others are just happy to keep sales steady. Animal Capture Equipment CEO Judy Jezl says, "I'm just happy that we've continued to stay in business. We've been maintaining our business. We haven't grown so much this year. But in this economy, it's really good just to maintain."

Other area businesses that have been in town for years are benefiting from this new growth. Vernon's Movie Plaza Theater Owner Mark Farr-Nash says they've also seen more traffic.  Farr-Nash says, "That's been real exciting because, not just because the movies have been great, because we've got businesses that have moved in to the square next to us."

Vernon has seen more and more growth since it was named one of the Texas' Main Street cities. Just last week, city leaders met to discuss improvements to curbs and sidewalks in the downtown area.  Vernon has also seen progress since abundant energy committed to build wind turbines in the city. Company leaders hope to be fully up and running in three months.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.