Body of Woman Found in Young County

Tony Fulton of the Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed the body of 56-year-old Angela Rogers of Sachse, TX was found Saturday.

Authorities report Rogers and her husband were visiting their hunting lease just five miles south of Graham off FM 1287 and Caseyville Crossing for on-site repairs when Rogers decided to take a ride on an ATV Friday afternoon.

Officials say her husband began looking for her when she didn't return, and alerted authorities of the Young County Sheriff's Office about 4:30pm.  The Sheriff's Office, along with Texas Rangers, DPS, and search volunteers began to hunt for Rogers that afternoon.

They located the ATV in heavy brush near a tree with evidence it had been caught in the tree, and that Rogers might've been impacted from the vehicle. Officials believe Rogers walked away from the crash site, heading in the wrong direction. Her body was not found until 11am Saturday morning by a search volunteer 1/2 mile from the crash site.

"These trails, some of them connect and go different directions and it's very easy to get turned around out there," said John Hardin of the Young County Sheriff's Office, he aided in the search.

Authorities suspect no foul play, though she had sustained scratches. Officials believe her death may have resulted from the heat because she didn't have any water with her on the ride.

"We're in extreme heat at this time," said Trooper Tony Fulton.  "They were in some low lying areas where there wasn't any breeze coming through, if she became dehydrated she was disoriented and that's what it appears to be, a heat related problem."

Officials ask that people take a bottle of water with them everywhere they go during our severe heat.