WFISD Budget Not As Bad As Thought

Leaders of the Wichita Falls Independent School District are able to breathe a little bit. After months of planning for a worst-case-scenario budget outlook, they got some good news. State Legislators in Austin agreed on a budget which will leave the District about $5.6M in the red, instead of the $11.4M that was ultimately possible.

After the massive cuts, they are getting a chance to look back over the decisions. "The Board and the school administration are getting the opportunity to look at the process we went through to look at the items specifically that we recommended at the end of march these items that would be cut from the budget," said Dr. George Kazanas, WFISD Superintendent.

One of the cuts being reinstated is full day Pre-K. The program had been axed to a half day in the budget cuts. Now, they are bringing it back, along with the staff that had been cut. "We've already gone through the process of making the recommendation that we will discuss further with the Board of Trustees of items that we would like to restore to the budget,' said Kazanas.

Other cuts will not be restored. "The other types of reductions would classify as permanent reductions. We did reduce our central administration office by 20% and those are going to be permanent at this time," said Kazanas.

It is still unclear how many staffers will be brought back, but Kazanas said the impact on students will be minimal."We really feel we have a minimum effect at the classroom level," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6