City Of WF: Officer Over The Limit Is No Longer Working For The City

The City Of Wichita Falls is confirming to Newschannel 6 that the officer involved in a horrific accident on Jacksboro Highway no longer works for the city. The City is telling us they cannot release any other information at this time because they say it is a personnel issue.

Newschannel 6 has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to learn whether Officer Teddy Whitefield resigned or was terminated and also how long he's been off the job.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released details on the investigation earlier this month. They determined the official cause of the crash was speeding.

Trooper Tony Fulton sat down with Newschannel 6 crews and explained the investigation shows Officer Whitefield was driving at least 80 miles per hour on Jacksboro Highway before crashing his K-9 patrol unit into a Pontiac Grand Am, killing two teen girls. One of them was pregnant. Wichita Falls police reported Officer Whitefield was not on an emergency call.

Trooper Fulton also revealed that Officer Whitefield admitted to taking two prescription medications before the crash. He submitted a urine test to determine what the medications were. DPS is currently waiting for those results.

Yeni Lopez, 18, was driving the Pontiac. Gloria Montoya, 13, was also in the vehicle. Troopers confirmed that Lopez was 8 months pregnant. They also said Lopez was on the phone when the crash happened. Trooper Fulton said that could have been a contributing factor in the accident. He also said other contributing factors could have been the officer's K-9 or the officer's computer.

Trooper Fulton said Lopez stopped at the stop sign on Holliday St. before attempting to drive across Jacksboro Highway to get to 33rd St. Her car was hit by the Officer's K-9 patrol unit as she was crossing Jacksboro Highway. Trooper Fulton said evidence shows Officer Whitefield did not take any evasive action before crashing into Lopez's car.

Officer Whitefield suffered a fractured arm.

DPS said neither the girls nor Officer Whitefield were wearing a seatbelt.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6