Dealing With Texoma's Tragedies

Texoma is still in shock from the impact of all the recent tragic accidents.

But the community is speaking out to show support in these difficult times and finding ways to move forward in the healing process.

Wichita County has lost five people in the past 15 days to horrific fatality accidents on Wichita County highways.

Three separate fatal accidents have community members stepping up with words of encouragement for those families who are grieving.

The way the recent days have played out still has community members in shock. The tragic losses out on Texoma roads also has community members thinking twice before leaving their home and family members.

One resident gives her personal words of encouragement saying, "Having two children of my own and being a single parent, you take life for granted. I would just like to encourage all the families in Wichita County to stay close together because you never know when you might not see your family again. I encourage every family member out there who has lost a family member to keep your head up and keep your family close together."

You never know just how quickly a precious life can be taken away. The family members who have lost their loved ones recently found that out.

Just over two weeks ago, a fatal accident in Wichita Falls took the lives of two teenage girls, one of them pregnant.

On Tuesday more lives lost on our streets when another fatal accident occurred off the Henry S. Grace Freeway.

On Wednesday, a fatal accident near Electra killed two men.

But the community's support can be a sign of hope for all these families grieving.

Hospice Of Wichita Falls is a group that deals with grief every day. Even though they are not treating any of these family members, they say a supportive community is key to start the healing process.

Support groups are available in Wichita Falls for any community members grieving the loss of a loved one and Hospice Of Wichita Falls is one that offers support groups for free.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6