High Cost of H2O

Ranchers across Texoma are scrambling to find a way to keep water for their livestock. The tanks are dry, the creeks won't flow and animals are in dire straits. Many have been forced to purchase water in bulk and haul it in – just to keep animals alive.

Joe Coffer has 23 head of Angus near Electra. He has been hauling water for 2 months. He puts the water into metal storage tanks. "Back in the 90's we went through a period like this, so I kind of got ahead of the ball game…The main thing is having good clean water… So, I have to buy hay and buy water… Its just another routine you have to do if you want to keep them alive," said Coffer.

Several cities in Texoma report a spike in cattle producers purchasing bulk water for livestock. Henrietta has been especially busy. They sell water at a flat rate of $ .02 a gallon. In Vernon, they have an automated machine that sells 250 gallons for a buck.

Despite the costs, Coffer does what he has to. "You don't look at the cost, I really can't say... I know it costs something, but the main thing is to keep the herd alive," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6