Church Holds Rain Prayer Vigil

Texoma is 17 inches below average for rainfall.  We are in the driest stretch of weather-ever.  In hopes of a downpour Faith Tabernacle Church members prayed for relief in the form of rain.

"I've lost eight registered Angus cattle and they're worth $1,200 to $1,500 a piece," said Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, Jerry Gilbert.

The cows got stuck in the mud after trying to find drinking water in a pond that's quickly disappearing.  "We were able to pull eight more with a front end motor and a rope around their neck," he said.

That was the tipping point of what would soon trigger a three hour prayer vigil dedicated solely on asking the heavens for downpour.

"God did it for Elijah, he ought to do it for us," said Gilbert.

"The ranchers need the rain.  The farmers need the rain and I know if we ask God there's power in number and the rain will come," said church member Kathy Boight.

According to the Texas Forest Service more than 3.3 million acres of land have been scorched since November and the area hasn't seen a measurable amount of rainfall in months; so nearly a dozen church members of Faith Tabernacle came and went as they pleased during the prayer vigil, hoping their voices resonate above.

"We know that there's power in prayer and when you truly come with all your heart and soul God answers prayer.  It doesn't take a lot of people, we know we're going to get rain," said Dinah Washington.

Currently 244 counties in the state of Texas are under a burn ban and all of Texoma is a part of that.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.