UPDATE: Bowie ISD Expect To See Reduction In State Funding

Bowie ISD school board officials say they expect to see a $1.2 million reduction in state funding.

Superintendent Steven Monkres told trustees the district faces a reduction of six to seven percent in the first year.

Finance Director Rhonda Russell said for 2011-12, that amounts to $750,000 to $850,000 and in year two it will total $1.2 million.

The ISD is waiting for a more refined finance template to establish funding totals for the school district.

Bowie ISD School Board Officials said on Monday the tax rate will not go up. Officials have set August 31st for their public meeting concerning the budget and tax rate. Board members are expected to give final approval to both on the same day.

Newschannel6 spoke with Bowie's Superintendent Monday night, he told us there will not be a tax rate change this year, despite estimates that the district will operate with a loss of at least $700,000 next year.