Burk Commissioners Vote on Proposed Low-income Housing

Residents in Burkburnett showed up in droves at Monday's Commissioner's meeting.  Most were there with one goal in mind, to make sure a proposed low-income housing development project does not break ground.

They got what they wished, Commissioner's voted against it so the proposed project near the intersection of Preston and Kramer Road will not be done.

It was literally standing room only at City Hall.  A representative with Overland Property, the company of this project gave an overview of how Section 42, low-income housing works for concerned residents.

In January the city passed a resolution of support but recently Planning and Zoning held their own meeting and voted against it.  Twenty-one people signed up to speak, most if not all were against it for many reasons, from fear of a decline in their property values, to crime and simply they want their neighborhood to stay as is.

"We've walked up and down talking to each family in the block and everyone seems to be on the same page of not wanting the low-income property to be out here in our own backyard," said resident Brandon Campbell.

"That's why we're here is to listen to the public and get their input on any project," said City Manager Tim James regarding Monday's meeting.

Despite concerns of the value of homes dropping near the site a representative with Overland Property gave several examples of home values going up. One example was the Section 42 housing of Tealwood Apartments off Flood, home values were up near that complex.

Another item of interest is the voting of a commercial rezoning of a residential area near Pruitt Ford off S. Berry and Sycamore.  Recently Planning and Zoning approved that resolution and the city sided with them and approved it as well.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.